Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is this the sound of sweet surrender...

James and I went for a sweet little walk this afternoon. We didn't go very far, just out around Melton, which is a little village near to the town where I work, about half an hours drive away. But it was so worth it. Sometimes I think the most beautiful places are the ones which you see often and take some what for granted.

If I had a million pounds- this would be where I would live.

I love the smokiness of this one.

All credit to the wonderfully talented James here.

This feels a bit like a still from one of those old fashioned horror movies to me.

(The title of this post comes from the new Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow song which came out earlier in the week. The 10 year old girl inside of me just squealed!)

Have a happy and peaceful Saturday my friends.

Lindy xxxx

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