Saturday, 4 December 2010

Saturday Steals- Vol 19

The last Saturday stealing opportunity of the year! How exciting! Being the thrifty kinda gal that I am it has warmed the cockles of my heart sharing all the great deals I have found with you this year.

And yes, I think I save the best till last!

This skirt.

I saw it in the staff reductions at work a while back- it was reduced to £3.60, a pretty good price for a skirt, but I just never got round to picking it up.

Then a few weeks later I saw this...

10p! How can I resist a skirt for 10p?!

I interrupt this post to point out that James decided to interrupt my photography session and colonise my time for a while. He also mucked around trying to cut my hair a little (and he succeeded) and put boot polish in my HAIR! I yelled, then chased him, then he chased me, and before we could get too Tom and Jerry the giggles over took me. Its really hard to win a fight when your laughing. But still. He put boot polish in my hair and this is an unforgivable crime! He must pay. Just not right now because he gave me a donut and some milkshake.

Back to the skirt. Sainsbury's were also having a 25% off stunt on clothing as well, so not only was the skirt 10p to begin with it was then reduced. Making this the grand total of 7p!


Defiantly my steal of the year. Now if only the temperature could make it out of the minus numbers and I could wear it!

Happy Saturday Stealing!

Lindy xxxx

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  1. I'm so glad you're back in the blogging (and the SS) saddle again! Hooray for rejuvenation. Maybe someday it will happen to me.

    p.s. great steal!