Friday, 10 September 2010


I have come to a conclusion that will be of little shock to those who know me well. If left to my own devises I might continue to live the life of a student forever. A case in point would seem to be my eating habits.

When James makes dinner for us I receive offerings such as that below.

Excusing my poor photography skills, what you have before you is a delicious thai green curry made from scratch. And when I say from scratch I really do mean it. It took him hours. We had special fragrant thai rice to go with it. It was garnished. Side dishes were involved. All in all it was a culinary sensation. And this from a man who had never had thai green curry before that day, when I had happened to say that I fancied it when he asked me what I wanted for dinner. It was heaven.

Now I hear you ask, how do I repay him for such culinary genius?

Yes. When it was my turn I managed bake potatoes with grated cheese. And I managed to undercook the potatoes. I think he's defiantly winning here! Yet since I get to eat all of this delicious food without putting the effort in to cooking it, does this actually mean that I'm winning?...

Yes, yes I think it might!

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