Friday, 26 February 2010

Strength without measure

I must firstly apologize for the lack of posts in the last week. Although I am on reading week from university, and should theoretically have more time- this is not the case! Never try finishing a degree, applying for a MA, and organising to move house at the same time, stress ensues!

My work load this week has not been helped, I must admit, by the Winter Olympics and the lure of the figure skating. Ever my weak spot when it comes to watching sport, I have become addicted this games. I have been most touched this week, and most inspired by the example of Joannie Rochette. I’m sure most people know the back story, but this Canadian skater tragically lost her mother two days before her event (Ladies Singles Figure Skating) was to begin. She has demonstrated the olympic spirit in the way she has conducted herself, though out this last week, and I am sure that her bronze medal is worth more than its weight in gold. Her strength and fortitude, to preform at the top of her game under the most awful circumstances, and yet still be able to conduct herself with dignity has been a real inspiration. I like many others am perhaps to quick to give in to stress and to allow myself to become side tracked from the real issue. More than her beautiful skating I will take away from these games Joannie’s example of fortitude in the face of difficulties. I think that if we all applied a little of her strength to our every day lives, and indeed remembered how fortunate we are not to have suffered her loss, our stresses and difficulties would pale in comparison.

On a happier note, for christmas, I received two sets of tickets to go to the ballet this weekend. One to see Giselle and one to see Swan Lake. Expect over excited reviews, as I have never been to the ballet properly before and really don’t know what to expect! I wish everyone a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

Now... I really must find something to wear to the ballet tonight....

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