Saturday, 13 February 2010

A very long day...

Well I feel that yesterday can go down as a particularly productive day! I did eleven hours at work, three hundred words on my dissertation and baked a kick ass batch of chocolate cookies! The pay off being that I spent until gone eleven in bed today. Not so good, or indeed productive at all.

I thought that next week I would try to share some of the ways in which I study and try to maximize my time. I realize that I am abnormal as a student because I work anywhere between 12 and 25 hours a week at a real life job as well. This makes organisation key to getting anything handed in on time!

I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful weekend (unfortunately I am a work so this will not be the case for me!), and can get some serious chilling out done. It is sunny where I am, and I hope the same for you. See you on Monday.

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