Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Now this post is a little later than promised. I originally said I was going to be back on Tuesday, but unfortunately real life intruded. My Gran came round yesterday to see the new flat and have lunch as she hadn't seen it as yet. All was going well until we got too chatty over lunch and she missed her train home. So I drove her home, which is about 35 miles away, along little back roads so it took just over an hour. All in all it was a really nice drive, and it was great to get some more time with her, but it did rather eat up my afternoon, making posting impossible.

So. Back to the scheduled order of events, this wonderful little book by Susan Higginson.

I found this in a charity shop for £1.99 this weekend, and I defiantly have to say that it was two pounds well spent. Its concise and clear with great colour photos, and a really good guide to some of the more unusual embroidery stitches. You get a photo of the stitch, followed by clear instructions and a chart, which makes it very easy to learn from.

Since i've had so much time on my hands recently I've really been trying to be productive and embroidery is one of the things i've been focussing on to do. Months and months ago I brought a 100 skeins of thread off of the internet in a variety of colours for about £10, so i've been having a lot of fun trying out some of the new stitches.

I think my favourite one so far would have to be this one, its called the 'Norwich'. I like it because it produces a lovely dense effect. I also lived in Norwich for a couple of years whilst doing my degree so I was immediately drawn to the name anyway!

I find that having to concentrate on a small and precise craft really relaxing, whilst being productive. A good combination is you ask me. If your interesting in improving your embroidery and you see a copy of this book, I would really recommend getting it as a guide to give you a little pointer in the right direction.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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