Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday Steals Vol 14.

So for this weeks Saturday Steals, i’m back to talking about office clothes! As I mentioned earlier in the week I have got a new job, one in an office which requires, you’ve guessed it, office clothes! Now one of the great ironies about getting a new job is that you have to get more clothes before you’ve had your first pay check, thus, deals were needed to make this doable!

So without any further ado I visited one of my favourite places to score steals, the reduced rack at Marks and Spensers, where I found...

This pretty little blouse, reduced from £25 to just £3! A saving of 88%!

I also got this pink stripy number which was reduced from £15 to £3, a saving of 80%!

And this green silky blouse which was reduced from £29.50 to just £5, a saving of 83%!

With Marks and Spensers pretty much cleared out of any office clothes in my size I moved on Debenhams who were having a mid season sale. Where I managed to get a few more bargains.

These grey trousers which were reduced from £25 to just £12.50. I think I might remove the belt though, what do you think? A saving of 50%

This two piece set which was reduced from £35 to £12.50. Now I will happily pay £12.50 for this, but i’m not convinced that anyone would pay £35!

Head on over to to Archive of Our Lives to see some more great bargains.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of that belt, but I love the pants. As always, you got some awesomesauce steals goin' on! Congrats on such great finds!!

  2. WAHOO! This makes me want to go buy a whole new wardrobe! If only I had a sweet job to justify such a spree, I just might do it... : )

    Thanks for the great steal!