Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday Steals Vol 15

Well strike me blind, i'm amazed that yet another week has passed! It barely feels any time at all since I was here last week, which is weird considering how busy i've been since then!

Tragically i'm now starting what I think is my eight straight day in a row working, yet I don't feel completely overwhelmed as yet, something which I can only attribute to my incredibly supportive and loving family. James has been utterly stellar, (more on that next week).

But this weeks Saturday Steal is somewhat connected and comes in the form of a present from my mother-in-law. She saw me at work last night, and because she thinks that I work too hard and that I looked tired she brought me these...

How thoughtful is that?! I was completely touched by her thought and it made my night an awful lot better! Defiantly a steal in my eyes (even though I didn't really do anything!)

Anyway I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, what with the beautiful weather that we have been having recently. For more excellent steals head on over to Archive of Our Lives and check out everyone else's great contributions.



  1. OMG. What a great steal! I'd say that having an awesomesauce mother-in-law like that is also a steal. I mean, mine'd never tell me I worked too hard, even when I was working 112 hour weeks! All she would do was harp that the dishes weren't done at my house. That's incredible that she brought you flowers! Yay for an awesome mother-in-law and triple yay for gorgeous flowers!!

  2. What luck! You have a lovely MIL indeed! Great steal, and thanks for participating!