Monday, 21 February 2011

7 Good Things Vol 12

Gross knee update warning. According to the fracture specialist at the hospital my knee is still too swollen to tell if I’ve torn or just ‘stretched’ I guess you would say the ligaments which hold my knee cap in place. But they have given me a snazzy new splint which allows me to move my knee in a controlled way to help strengthen these ligaments again. Basically I still can’t walk and I’ve been signed off work for three weeks, although I am hoping to be back before this.

My 7 good things, however, have been surprisingly easy to come by this week all things considered!
1. James, James, James, James, James. He has been so understanding and caring over the last few days, doing practically everything for me!
2. My very kind family and friends who have kept me company over the last few days.
3. The physiotherapist who was very gentle when it came to manipulating my knee today.
4. For a man who doesn’t drink tea, James makes a really good cuppa!
5. My laptop which has been dying, has had a change of heart and had worked for the last couple of days, which considering that I can’t sit at the desktop computer, is certainly an excellent development!
6. Ahhh Youtube.... you have kept me endlessly entertained. And on the subject of entertainment which you can access sitting down on a laptop, this documentary on the 1920s social scene from the BBC was really really good. Although I did just end up coveting the clothes!
7. The NHS. I know there is a lot on the news at the moment about the NHS crumbling, but the service I have received has been truly exemplary. For example today I went to see the fracture clinic, I got seen in five minutes, examined and almost immediately referred to physiotherapy where I got seen very promptly. I just can’t complain!

Oh and just to end the post because I do love these so much, a gratuitous and completely un connected Hubble telescope picture...

(Two galaxies colliding.)

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week.

I shall see you probably tomorrow with a book review!

Lindy xxx

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