Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ahhhh here you are!

Sorry about the lack of presence in the last few days. For the first time in ages I missed 7 Good Things on a Monday, and thats because levels of world suck have increased round here recently. Nothing that is life threatening but definably enough to make me go in to survival mode. Unfortunately this blog is the one thing which I can give up doing and still function in the world; and people like my boss and my mortgage company do rather enjoy me functioning in the world.

(BTW: 'mort': stems from the word death, and gage sounds a lot like cage...) No I joke, I love my house but every time we had a meeting with the mortgage company to get it, that was all I could think!

Anyhoo, I have needed the reminder that this picture give me each morning everyday this week...

Hopefully things are calming down and I will be back later in the week!

Lindy xxx

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