Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday Steals

So its that time of the week again where we all indulge in a little Saturday Stealing. (Yes I know that sounds immediately wrong. Scouts honour that I paid for these!)

So without any further adieu, we are back to a familiar theme for my steals... produce! Yes ladies and gentlemen I am nothing if not predictable. But. Wait. These onions, they were 19p. How could I leave them? It was just such good value that I was compelled to buy this pack of onions, compelled I tell you!

So what does one woman do when faced with a pack of onion? She makes soup, thats what she does.

Because... sautéed onions + stock + a little bit of worcester sauce = onion soup heaven.

You heard it here first people.

*This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the Soup Lovers Party*

I think for next week i’m going to have to come up with something completely different to steal, otherwise you will think me obsessed with produce and office clothes!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend



  1. I love the strong branding on the produce packaging though... there is no doubt that those onions (or the carrots from a few weeks back) were born and bred in Britain. I think that's awesome.

    You got a great deal on those onions too. 19p? *impressed*

  2. Yeah, there has been a really strong movement in the past few years for the major supermarkets to support British farmers- hence most produce and meat now has bred/grown in Britain emblazoned all over it! xxx

  3. I swear, British produce is 10x more beautiful than American. It always looks so delicious!

    I only wish you'd posted the recipe, too. I know, I know...I ask a lot.

    Thank you for being such a faithful stealer! I am a huge fan of international steals! : )