Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday Steals

So today’s Saturday Steals comes on a very different tack to the one I normally take. You will find no produce and no office clothes! Yep I was just a stunned - I have made it through a week without buying cut price produce and clothes! My bank account thanks me.

So this is what I have found....

Really high quality fabrics with which to make cushions for my new house and settee. I went for really neutral colours because the sofa is a really vibrant russet red which would be hard to match colours to.

The first one was only £3! I have about enough fabric to make about one medium sized cushion- a pretty good deal in my mind!

The second one was £4.57. (I know, a really random price!) This piece is a little bigger so will make about two normal sized cushions.

I was so very happy when I found these, cushions are defiantly on my to do list for next week!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend all xxx

(apologies for the photos, the light and my camera were not co-operating!)


  1. Yay! I'd love to see the cushions when they're done! Great steals :o)

  2. I agree with I heart monster...we want to see the finished product! Those fabrics are ADORABLE; I'm sure they will produce beautiful creations. Thanks for being a faithful contributor to SS!

    p.s. I'm SO excited for my package...and I am starting to come up with good stuff for yours!

  3. Thanks! I see lots of procrastination in my future in the form of cushion making against my exam! xxx