Friday, 16 April 2010

Tomato Soup Cake (Yes really!)

Ahhhh. My poor little blog is feeling somewhat neglected this week. Unfortunately real life intruded in the form of my dissertation to finish, which I have nearly done! Happy, happy days. I will be singing from the rooftops when I hand this baby in!

So yesterday in order to distract myself from the fact I had just mauled a 1000 words out of my footnotes (i’m so over my word count its not even funny anymore!) I made this baby of a cake.

Now I like baking. This is no secret. I also like the Pioneer Woman. (If you haven’t found her blog yet check out the link) So baking Pioneer Woman style seems like a good thing to me. Hence this cake. Its a tomato soup cake- yeah I made that face too. Yet my curiosity is insatiable to I just had to bake this one. And unsurprisingly for a recipe recommended by P-dub herself it is delicious. It also tastes noting like tomatoes which is a good quality in a cake I think. The soup just has the effect of making the cake a gorgeous orangey red colour which is also a good quality in a cake.

I would highly recommend that every bakes this cake, gives it to their friend and loved ones, wait until they have tried some, and then tell them the surprise! Its so much fun!

Whilst your over at the ranch I would suggest checking out some of the other recipes on the Tasty Kitchen as well as the main site. There are some seriously talented cooks over in that part of the internet.

Just on a side note to brighten up the seriously grey day we are having today (thank you big cloud of volcanic ash!) this is where I went for a walk at the weekend. When the weather was considerably better. I love the beach!

I will see everyone tomorrow for Saturday Steals, have a happy and productive Friday. xxx

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