Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Young at Heart...

Here is a picture of me grinning inanely...

Apart from this photo showing you that I have recently gone from having long blond hair to having short red hair, there is another reason which I am this happy.

Maybe this photo gives a better clue...

A little while ago I won a prize from the lovely Camille over at Archive of Our Lives, since I had never won a giveaway before I was ridiculously excited, and today it arrived! My very own handmade hair clip. I did the dance of joy. (And a bonus point to anyone who recognises that reference!)

Off of this delightful little gift I have come up with a new plan for world peace. Now I was very happy and over excited when my hair clip arrived, and it got me to thinking- if every one was this happy all at the same time, what would the cumulative effect of that amount of joy be? It would have serious world changing power. Wars would stop. Peace would reign, and cake would be free to all. Just simply by the happiness created by a hair clip. *Obviously* the next logical step would be to give everyone a hair clip I thought. This is simple. Why have I not been consulted before on the intricacies of the Middle East peace process? Or given free reign in Africa? Taken over Northern Ireland? Centuries of conflict would come to an end with the simple gift of a hair clip.

Its entirely possible, I thought, that I should be in charge. At the very least everyone would have snazzy, accessorised hair. Hey Camille, fancy revolutionising the world with hair clips?

Lindy xxx

EDIT: You can tell how tired was when I published this, as I totally forgot to give it a title. All credit here to The Bluebells and a slap on the wrist and an earlier bed time for me!

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  1. I'm so glad you like it! Absolutely I want to save the world with my flower clips. But first I have to remember how to make them. That was months ago and I gave them all away, every last one. I don't even have one for my own hair!

    By the way your bookcase looks super cute. Love the ladder. I need a bookcase like that in my house.