Monday, 29 November 2010

I could be happy just living to learn...

Hello! Sorry for my un planned absence at the end of last week, things got a little on top of me (once more!) and unfortunately this blog is the one and only thing I can let slide.

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I'm currently going through the process of applying to university to start again in September next year (eek!) and I had the joy of having to write a personal statement for this! A process which I detest, because I hate telling people why I'm so utterly amazing they would be wrong not to give me a place and lots of money! Hence this has taken me much longer than perhaps it would the average person, and has involved much more hand wringing. But, I have nearly finished and hopefully can submit my application this evening. Which means I shall be free from the stress of getting it done before the deadline, and can hopefully start looking forwards to planning our christmas.

My 7 Good Things this week are a little eclectic to say the least...

1. Pretty yarn, which helps me to make a present for a loved one
2. Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge over Troubled Water is just sublime and has been on repeat this week
3. James' hugs
4. Snow! I can't be the only adult who thinks this is a good thing all round
5. My beautiful new pendant from Paper Sparrow. (I won a giveaway on the blog A Beautiful Mess, which is amazing within it's self, and was privileged to receive some amazing art created by unique souls.)
6. Planned visits with friends this weekend
7. A hot cup of tea whilst it snows outside and the temperatures are below zero

Here's to hoping that I can get myself a bit more sorted in the next few days and can actually tell you lovely people about some of the things I want and plan to!

Hoping that your week will go serenely to plan

Lindy xxx

PS: for music I'm back to the genius of the Court Yard Hounds

PPS: yes I do sit on my iPad in my lunch break and write my blog, why do you ask!

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