Friday, 12 March 2010

6000 Words

This ladies and gentlemen is what 6000 words looks like.

This is what has kept me from blogging about my degree more. (I’m ignoring the irony that it is my degree which is keeping me from blogging about it!)

This is what has led to my speedy progress with crocheting as it has become procrastination activity number one.

This is what the last piece of work ever for my course looks like.

All of that said, these have been some of the easiest 6000 words I have ever written. I don’t know why, but suddenly it feels as though my writers block has been lifted. The first semester of my third year was really hard, it felt as though I had to draw every word out of me kicking and screaming on to the page. But this essay- it just flowed, it took a while, but it was actually quite easy to write.

Now that i’ve said that it was easy, I have obviously jinxed myself for finishing the dissertation now... damn it!

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