Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday Steals

Now since I am a student, and thus by definition poor, I love the idea of Saturday Steals being hosted by Camille over at Archive of Our Lives.

Unfortunately I cannot match her broach for prettyness and general coolness of finding. My additions to the wonders of bargains are slightly more prosaic.

Firstly this wonderful book.

I picked it up in a charity shop for the grand total of 50p. Thats right, 50p. I’ve only read the first couple of chapters because real life has intruded this week but it is so interesting. Its a travel dialogue that goes around the world looking for the origins of different paint colours. A surprisingly engaging read for the nerdy amongst us, namely me!

Secondly I brought this book off of amazon for the grand total of £1.26.

Now this made me very happy, because not only was this book cheap it was also crucial to the essay I was attempting to write, and my university library couldn’t get it for me. The other good thing about this find was that the edition I have can sell for upwards of £25, making me feel extra happy with my bargain hunting.

Now my third steal of the week is very boring, very prosaic, and slightly sad that it made me happy!

But I brought this bag of sweet potatoes for only 49p. A boring steal yes, but a good one for my dinner plans! Thats alot of potatoes for only 49p.

So here you have it. The ‘steals’ I got this week. No where near as pretty as Camille’s, but useful to me none the less. Please hop over to Archives of Our Lives to see some of the other great deals people have found this week.

PS: Apologies for the quality of the photos, its a very grey day here today, and I could get no good light!


  1. Those books are awesome (and quite the steal) but I'm most excited about your sweet potatoes! WHAT AN AMAZING STEAL! I don't know how to cook sweet potatoes, but for 50 cents, I would certainly learn! Congratulations. (And thanks for joining me...I was worried nobody would!)

  2. Um, how great is it that you got a book for school that you might be able to resell for more?!? A true steal! :o) Congrats on the potatoes as well... I love finding groceries on the cheap.

  3. Thank you! I work for a supermarket, so I am always on the look out for reductions. Camille, sweet potatoes are awesome, and not that sweet at all. I think they're best baked like you would a normal baked potato. xxx