Thursday, 27 May 2010

Egg Drop Soup

So I thought I would be able to do a lovely little post today about my new house. I thought by Thursday I would have found my camera cable and photos would be forthcoming. Unfortunately I have now found my cable but lost my camera! My ineptitude strikes again!

So. No photos- thus no post! So instead you get a post on soup! J is away at the moment, he has gone sailing across the north sea with his Dad, so apart from this being a rather lonely state of affairs, there is an upside. I get to eat eggs! Now don’t laugh. J hates eggs, thus I don’t tend to cook things with them in for the both of us, but I love them. So a night on my own equals Chinese Egg Drop Soup!

This soup is comfort food extraordinaire!

So to make this bowl of loveliness you will need:

4 cups of chicken stock
2 chopped green/ spring onions
1 tablespoon of peeled and grated ginger
a pinch of white pepper
a pinch of chinese 5 spice
2 beaten eggs

Bring your chicken stock to the simmering point and add the chopped green onions, the grated ginger and the spices. Leave it to cook for a little bit whilst beating the eggs. Then carefully pour the eggs in to the soup, through a fork so that they separate nicely. The eggs should cook as soon as they hit the soup, if they don’t separate properly, stir the soup with a whisk for a while so that the eggs don’t clump.

And then your done! Serve this up and you have a bowl full of the quickest, easiest, nicest soup you will ever spend ten minutes making! Now because i’m on my own and just a little bit greedy I ate both portions, but this should make enough for two (non- greedy!) people!

Enjoy your Thursday evening, at some point this blog will resume with photos. (Promise!) xxx

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