Saturday, 8 May 2010

Saturday Steals once more

So todays Saturday Steals are only a little quickie because I am meant to be moving boxes and crushing cardboard! But about a month a go I went in to one of the charity shops in town and they were having a half price picture sale. Now I’m always a sucker for a bit more art and I picked up this lovely sketch.

Now ignoring the ugly frame (which i’m going to change) I love this sketch. One of the major plus points however was the price. It was half price for only 50p! How can you beat that? I love to imagine who Colin Williamson (the signature on the bottom) was and why he donated this picture to a charity shop. In my head he is a little old man who honeymooned with his wife in this cottage, when she tragically died he couldn’t bear to see the reminder of those happy days so gave the picture away. (Yes i’m aware i’m reading far too much in to this!)

Right, I must go move house to happy Saturday everyone! xxx

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful! And so English! And so lovely! I would love to check out cool English thrift stores next time I visit England. You've inspired me. English junk is much cooler than American junk. : )

    Thanks for participating!