Friday, 21 May 2010

Hello once more...

Well, I must first apologise for the extra long break I seem to have had! In my defence we did only get internet this Wednesday and I had no idea how much stuff we would have to move! If moving has taught me anything, it is that I have far to much 'stuff'. Stuff that ends up in boxes, which I then have to move, unpack and then put away. (After having made J build many shelves to put the aforementioned 'stuff' on). Moving takes far longer than anyone warned me!

Also this week I lost a battle with my Dad's workbench, fell over it, and managed to fracture my toe. Which is now a very pretty shade of red and black. Hence why moving has taken a lot longer than I had imagined. But on a major plus side, the house is very nearly finished! I'm so excited it is unbelievable. (And when I have managed to find/ unpack my camera cable there will be pictures!)

But lets round this post off with a little snippet of my failures in the kitchen. Today I have friends coming round for dinner, so I decided to bake a cake for dinner. This is all sounding pretty reasonable so far, but when turing on my new oven, I wasn't really paying that much attention. Instead of managing to turn on my fan oven, I turned on the grill. Epic fail. So I grilled my cake for half and hour with out noticing, and then started to complain that it wasn't cooking! Not good. Not good at all. So my cake is currently still cooking, (oven now on) lord knows if we will all die of food poisoning this evening or not. If i'm here tomorrow for Saturday Steals, you will know that my cooking has not claimed another victim!

Happy Friday everyone xxx

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