Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday Steals

My steals this week are of a householdy type nature. Which I suppose is unsurprising since I just gained a house. And because nobody tells you how expensive things like loo paper are before you get said house, steals become all that much more important to your continuing sanity (and that of your bank manager)!

So without further ado, here is one of my favourite things that I brought from the mecca that is Ikea. Have I mentioned that I worship at the alter of Scandinavian flat pack furniture?! What, you think thats a bit weird? Your now backing away in to a corner, brandishing a breadstick, hoping to fend me off? Yes? Well. Have a seat. Theres a lovely flat pack chair for your enjoyment just there!

This vase ladies and gentlemen, is my Ikea steal of the week. I love this vase. Its handblown and a delicious colour. Even better than all of that it was only £6.99. Pretty good for a hand blown glass vase me thinks.

And if this wasn’t a steal enough, if you go to Ikea on a Wednesday its ‘Meatball Wednesday!’ Where you get an entire (and tasty) meal of meatballs for only £1.50. Plus, if this wasn’t bonus enough, the Ikea near me is really quiet on a Wednesday, so your don’t have to fight the hordes of middle England to get your steals!

So there you have it people. Ikea is defiantly where it is at!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and happy weekend, and I shall see you all next week. Scouts honour. xxx


  1. It's a beautiful vase! Congrats on the steal. Oh, and I ♥ Ikea too. It's such a great place.

  2. I would never use a breadstick as a weapon. Too valuable. : )

    Great steal! It's really cute. I can't wait to see it in context of your house!

    And I ADORE Ikea meatballs! I salivate just thinking about them! Wednesdays at Ikea are special in the states and Canada, too.

    Thanks for supporting the cause even in your distress of moving. I'm sorry loo (hee!) paper costs so much. I should've sent you some in my package. OH NO! I hope my package gets to you! Did I send it to an address you don't live at anymore? Oh, dear. I am very worried about this...