Friday, 14 January 2011

100th Post!

(The photos in this post are snapshots from my day based on the ‘Picture Winter’ prompt- ‘Looking Out’)

Today is my 100th blog post and this feels like a good place to stop and take stock and give thanks. I would like to give thanks to you the reader for sticking with me through 100 bumbling snap shots in to my life. To see that people are reading my writing a sharing my life is a great pleasure and comfort to me.

This is probably also a good place to answer the question, why I write a blog. Why I feel its necessary to share with the world what I had for tea or what I think of a particular book. Mostly I think it comes from my own love of blogs. I read some fantastic ones and I adore finding out how people are living their lives on the other side of the world; what people thousands of miles away from me ate for dinner or did last night. The world and the universe can seem unimaginably vast and intimidating to me, and blogs can make me feel closer to people I have never met, and likely never will.

I also think its about the process of telling a story. I’m a relatively shy person by nature and I find it hard to make new friends. I love that I can include new people in the story of my life, that I can share with people outside of my tight knit world; that I get other perspectives and other opinions that I might not hear.

I also love that it gives me an opportunity to practice my writing skills, indeed since leaving university I treasure this all the more. I enjoy the process of writing, I love thinking about what I’m going to write about during the day and I love sitting down and expressing myself though words in the evening. It is of great comfort to me to set things out, and to share my triumphs and failures with others (did anyone see last nights dinner!)

But to echo what I said at the beginning of this post I mostly love hearing everyone else's stories. To hear of peoples joys and triumphs. but also of their heartbreaks and their sorrow. I laugh, cry and rejoice along with people that I only know though the hollow tap of the keyboard and the eerie glow of the monitor. Blogs have broken my heart and picked me up at the end of a long week. They can be a window in to someone else’s soul and that is a precious thing.

You might not need to know that whilst writing this I drank a cup of camomile tea because I had a cruddy day at work and that particular herb is meant to induce calm. I also ate some left over christmas chocolates and listened to country music on itunes because it was a very bad day and these things made me feel better. But don’t you feel better for knowing it? Because I feel better for telling you. Whilst you sit there this morning or evening and drink tea, you can know that I thought of you whilst I drank mine.

Thank you for listening to me for 100 posts dear reader, heres to the next 100!

Happy Friday

Lindy xxxx

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  1. Congrats on 100 posts! I love the second picture, is it dawn or dusk?

    I'm having a giveaway today so be sure to drop by and comment!