Monday, 3 January 2011

7 Good Things Vol 6

Well once again I am blogging from the iPad so we shall be sans photos for today. Since it's the first Monday in 2011, I am determined to start the year off with the best intensions and be more deliberate in writing these down! So without further ado my 7 good things are....

1. I'm currently on my way to Centerparcs! Love it.
2. It's starting to snow, and what could be better then staying in a villa in a forest in the snow? eh?!
3. At centreparcs they have chalk boards in the kitchens to write messages to each other on. I need one of these for my house!
4. Singing along to Disney tunes in the car at the top of your voice.
5. A whole week off of work within which I get to go to a spa because James brought me a massage for Christmas.
6. Did I mention the week off of work and the spa?
7. James, especially when he is being extra nice to me after I'm grouchy because I did a night shift.

Hope every one has a fantastic week

Love xxx

Ps: did I mention that nightshift was murderous?!

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