Monday, 24 January 2011

7 Good Things Vol 9

I'm posting a little later today because I failed to charge my ipad over the weekend- epic fail!

But I having a pretty good time at the moment so my 7 things were once again pretty easy to come up with.

1. My Persephone Books catalogue turned up at the end of last week and I enjoyed reading it immensely. Persephone books is a independent publisher which predominantly focuses on previously out of print early 20th century books by women. They are beautifully finished books with amazing end plates created from fabrics which come from the period or are in some way connected with the characters or author. My geek-o-meter topped out! Now I just have to save up some money to actually buy these beautiful things!
2. My Mum brought me back some rock for a recent seaside trip- so yummy!
3. Pretty new yarn to make me some fingerless mittens
4. These videos.... so fantastic and informative!
5. Delicious lasagne made by Jim
6. I left work early today and got to walk home in the sunlight!
7. I finally finished my Physics book, 'We need to talk about Kelvin'.... and my mind? Its blown. Review to follow later in the week!

Well I hope you are all having a fantastic time, please share some of your good things in the comments!

Happy Monday!

Love Lindy xxxx

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