Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Big Picture...

One of my New Years resolutions was to take more time on doing creative things. In order to further this I decided to sign up for an online class. I think I've mentioned that back in October I won a giveaway on the wonderful blog A Beautiful Mess, and part of this was a gift certificate to 'Big Picture Classes', a site which offers online classes in things such as scrap booking and photography; and thus I signed up for a photography class called Picture Winter.

Everyday you get a prompt which gives you an idea with which to take a picture, and there is also an online class room where you can upload your pictures too.

Because of work commitments and other things I haven't quite managed to take a picture every day, but below are some of the ones I have done already.

Looking Out

A Little Sunshine (Orange)

Cracked Open

Warm Your Heart

Intended for Every Day Use

Bundle Up

Seeking Balance

Although work constraints mean that most of the photos I take are done inside because the light has gone by the time I get home, I'm finding this an excellent way to at least try to do more artistic things every day, even if it is just as simple as taking a photo.

Happy Wednesday

Lindy xxx

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