Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Perfect Day...

Or perhaps I should title this post perfect week, because thus far it has been just that! Today has been particularly amazing as James brought me a body wrap and facial treatment at the Centreparcs Spa for Christmas. I couldn't recommend this more highly. I'm currently all soft and relaxed sitting in our villa with a cup of tea. Perfection.

We're just about to go out of a evening swim before heading home to watch a movie and have some tea. On the subject of movies we've seen some pretty amazing ones this week. My favourite thus far being Scott Pilgrim vs The World. One of the most random film, yet one of the more entertaining I have seen in a long while. Is everying Micheal Cera does that good? And yes I know most people managed to see this in the cinema, but I am just not that organized. Plus the cinema where I live is pretty crappy and very expensive, I just feel cheated!

So the purpose of this post, which I will agree is a little hidden, is just to check in and hope that everyone else is having an amazing start to 2011 too. I promise, back with many photos next week!

Love Lindy xxx

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