Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday Steals Vol 22

When I first started doing Saturday Steals (make that Sunday because I'm tardy), I was all about the produce and today I am returning to my roots! You know me, I love a good food related bargain. Or perhaps its just that the most common thing I buy is food, either way these were a definite steal.

Now around these parts cherries are an incredibly expensive thing. They are currently £8/ kg meaning that the bag below is about £4 worth of cherries. Now I love cherries but not enough to pay £4 for such a momentary pleasure. Thats just pushing it a little to far!

But whilst I was at work last night, I found these three beautiful bags of cherries reduced to only 50p/ kg. Which mean that in total these beauties cost me 58p for all of them!. Now if that isn't a steal I don't know what is!

(And yet I've already eaten the other two bags, why do you ask?!)

Excellent fruit. Price that won't make my bank manager weep. It makes for a good weekend!

Happy weekend friends,

Lindy xxx


  1. I am disgusted with myself for taking so long to comment on your lovely SS post. I'm sorry! My blogging has been poor over the past few months and it looks like it'll only be getting poorer until I can get out of wretched school and get back into the groove of things.

    Anyway, thanks so much for participating! I love cherries and eat them all summer when they're available here. Great steal!

  2. p.s. it's been a while since I've clicked out of google reader, but your new blog design looks great! So fresh and springy!